I am the son of David Hall and Paulette Hall.

I live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

I was born on June 10, 1988.

I was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on June 29, 1996, when I was eight years old.

I like to play soccer. In spring 2003 I played for the Mt. Vernon High School team. After we moved to Colorado, I played for one season with the Douglas County Soccer Association.

I'm interested in music, science, and computers. I have played in the Highlands Ranch High School marching band, playing the alto and baritone saxophone. I also play the piano.

I also like baseball. For three summers, my dad was the coach of my little league team. We had a really good team and won most of our games. I'm a fan of Mark McGwire, and I am glad he broke the home run record. I went to St. Louis with my Dad and older brother on September 7, 1998, and saw McGwire hit his 61st home run.

I also like to play the piano the saxophone, and guitar. I have an electric guitar.

Here's a picture of me practicing piano. In Mt. Vernon I played piano for the jazz band.


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My oldest sister, Christy, attended the University of Iowa, where she majored in computer science. Later, she moved to Minneapolis, and then Sacramento. She is now in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where she works for Kaplan Test Prep.

My oldest brother, is currently in New York City attending medical school at Columbia University.

My older brother, Brian, served as a missionary in Salvador Brazil. He came back in November 2002. In 2004 he married Laura Grace Arnold. He studied jazz piano and she studied family counseling. He was the pianist for BYU's top jazz band, Synthesis. They are now living in St. George, Utah, where he manages the Summerhays Music Store. Next year he plans to go back to college to earn his MBA.

My older sister, Rachel, graduated from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she majored in English Literature. She's also living in Burlington, Vermont, where she works in the registration department of a hospital there.

fishing.jpg (9801 bytes) I like to fish. Here I am with a catch of Walleye and Bass at Devil's Track Lake in northern Minnesota, summer 2000. It was on a night when I caught three and my dad didn't catch any!
Here I am on our boat, on Lake Superior in August 2002. You can see "Five Mile Rock" in the background, with all the seagulls on it.
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In school, I'm taking Band (see the picture of me in the marching band), AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, American Literature, Physics, and History. I also take early morning seminary classes with others from my Church at Highlands Ranch High School. It's hard to say what my favorite class is - I like them all. I'm really enjoying band.

When I can I will practice piano for an hour, alto saxophone for 30 minutes, and 20-40 minutes practicing guitar. Music is probably one of the things in life that takes the most practice, but after a while practicing becomes fun.

I also like to draw and I am working on various drawing projects, my three main tools are a pencil, eraser and paper. I also have interest in Astronomy, I have a small decent telescope and eventually (probably after college) I will get a nicer telescope to use with Astrophotography, pictures taken through a telescope. Sometime I might make a website that has these drawings and pictures.


I recently earned my Eagle Scout award. I conducted a blood drive for my Eagle project.

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Here's a picture of my Dad pinning my Eagle badge on me in 2006.

We have a cat named Oscar. I used to tease him a lot and he got to not like me, but I don't tease him any more.

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