My faith is my life. It colors all I do, and is the substance of the hope that keeps me going from day to day. This page shares some of those beliefs that I hold dear. Maybe, as you investigate them, you will find some of the enrichment that I have found, and it may likewise benefit your life.

- David Hall of Highlands Ranch, Colorado

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Official information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
This site also   provides information about all church locations and meeting times in North America.
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This official web site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has news of the Church, online copies of the Bible and Book of Mormon, and a wealth of other resources.

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General Information:

Most recent addresses given by the authorities of the Church in general conference. This site also has archives of conference, and information about mission reunions, etc.

Family Search - Get step-by-step research guidance on searching for your ancestors, with free access to millions of genealogical records.

LDS Links - This site maintains a directory of LDS Web sites and LDS businesses. They have quite a few listings.

The Primary Page. An international resource for the teaching of children in the Church of Jesus Christ.

L.D.S. Merchandise and Bookstores:

  • - Mortality - the exciting LDS game about life, where you win by helping other players rather than trying to destroy your competition. Click here to find out how to order it. This game was invented and originally published by Dave, and is now promoted and sold by WindRiver Publishing Company of Silverton, Idaho.
  • Deseret Book Online - A rich resource with everything from books to temple information, to the L.D.S. meetinghouse locator, to collections of humorous L.D.S. anecdotes and more.
  • B.Y.U. Bookstore - Order books, clothing, artwork, computers, L.D.S. merchandise, and other items online.
  • Millennial Star Network - A resource for L.D.S. services and products, including filtered searching of the internet.
  • - A resource for LDS, BYU students, LDS singles, missionaries, and more.
  • A Bible for your handheld - Download a free copy of the King James Bible for your Palm or Palm-compatible handheld. Copies of other LDS scriptures and study aids, as well as the reader software are also available for free.
  • Study the scriptures online - You can peruse the scriptures online for free. This online scripture edition has excellent study aids with it. Footnotes are linked. And these all-text pages load quickly.

Brigham Young University sites:

BYU home page. This has a student directory, visitors' center guide, sports information, access to the BYU library, and more.

BYU Newsline. This is the award-winning online news source using news gathered by the BYU Daily Universe and KBYU-TV. They recently won an award for being the best college online news site.  

L.D.S. Singles Sites:

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If you're single and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, try these out. The L.D.S. singles introduction services are high quality, and an excellent way to meet people of high personal standards with interests similar to yours.