Wedding 2008 Photos

Sharon and Dave were married on November 1, 2008, for time and all eternity, in the Mesa Arizona temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Several of our family came from long distances to be with us, which we deeply appreciate. Here are photos from Halloween, which we celebrated the day before, the wedding, reception, and honeymoon.

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Our engagement photo

This was taken in July in Washington Park in Denver

Monday, October 27

Making candied apples for the grandchildren

Rachel's 26th birthday

Dave's daughter Rachel, his son, Brian, Brian's wife and son, Laura and Felix, all flew to Phoenix for the wedding. Here we are around the table on Oct. 31, celebrating Rachel's birthday, which was on Oct. 30.

Laura's birthday

Having just had cake and ice cream for Rachel's birthday, we put candles on what was remaining of the cake and sang for Laura, whose birthday is in a few days (Nov. 10).

Rachel and Spencer Hall

Spencer, little Felix, and Brian Hall

Rachel Hall with her nephew Felix

Trick or Treating

We went to Jeff and Angie's house for trick-or-treating and just getting together. (Angie is Sharon's daughter). From left to right we have Rachel as a banana, Spencer as a clown, Felix as a bumblebee, held by Laura, Brian as whatever, Sharon, David Lish (Sharon's son) holding Ryan, Emily Lish with mother Julie, and Jenny Haymore (Sharon's daughter) wheeling Hunter who is dressed as Tigger.

Halloween harvest

Dallin Judd, Sharon's grandson, with the fruits of his trick-or-treating labor.

Halloween goodies

Tyler Judd, Sterling and Zachariah Haymore on the floor with their stashes of candy. Seated are Sharon, Spencer, and Jeff Judd.

Tyler Judd as Scooby Doo

Spencer and Felix Hall

Spencer is holding his nephew Felix's hand as they walk to the temple for Dave and Sharon's wedding, November 1, 2008

Sharon and Dave, November 1, 2008

Sharon and Dave Hall emerge from the temple moments after the wedding ceremony.

Sharon and Dave Hall

The wedding party

Those who came to the temple wedding gather on the temple steps right after the ceremony. These include the families of Dave and Sharon and a few close friends.


This is a group photo of family members who came for the temple sealing.

Sons, daughters, and spouses

Here are Sharon and Dave and their sons, daughters, and spouses who were able to come to the wedding.

Sons and daughters

Clicking this thumbnail will download a high-resolution version of this photograph. Left to right, back row: Julie Lish and Jeff Judd. Middle row: Whitney Lish, David Lish, Angie Judd, Rachel Hall, and Spencer Hall. Front row: Jennifer Haymore, Chris Lish, Sharon Hall, David Hall, Brian Hall, and Laura Hall.

The temple, on the day of the wedding.

The reception

Sharon's friends Kay and Charlyn Skousen offered their back yard for our reception. The setting was lovely, and very nicely done.

Haley Judd and her dad, Jeff

Dave took a turn playing some songs at the keyboard.

Angie Judd holding nephew Ryan Lish, with Julie Lish

Brian and Felix Hall, playing the keyboard.

Sharon and Dave cutting the cake

New step-cousins Felix Hall and Sterling Haymore.

Sharon and grandson Sterling Haymore

Laura and Rachel Hall

Dave and Sharon with Sharon James, a former co-worker of Sharon's

Dave and grandson Felix

Rachel, Spencer, and Dave Hall conversing

The Honeymoon

Dave and Sharon stayed at the Welk Resort in Escondido, California, about 30 miles north of San Diego. It was developed by Laurence Welk, who posed here for this photo with the newlyweds.

The Lawrence Welk statue.

Dixon Lake

Late Monday afternoon we took a hike around Dixon Lake, just outside of Escondido.

Seated at one of the docks on Dixon Lake.

Coming back into town.

As we finished our hike and drove back, we were greeted by this beautiful scene, looking down on the town of Escondido.

The San Diego Temple

On Tuesday, we drove into San Diego for a temple session.

The musical performance

The Welk Resort has a theater on the grounds. A highlight of our stay was a tribute to Irving Berlin in song and dance. A highly talented troup put on the Broadway-quality performance that we attended Tuesday evening.

At Sea World

On Wednesday, we drove back to San Diego to visit Sea World.

The Dolly the Dolphin show.

The number of tricks these Dolphins can learn is amazing.

Dolly the Dolphin doing the high jump.

How high is this rope? It looks like it's around 15 feet above the water.

Riding the dolphin

This is something I'd like to do - ride a dolphin.

An aquarium.

There are several interesting aquarium buildings at Sea World.

Lunchtime visitors

These two Mallards were very interested in our lunch. We had to share just a little, they looked so imploring.

A view from the tower.

We took the ride up the tower for a bird's-eye view of Sea World.

Another view from the tower

And another, looking out toward the ocean.

Shamu the whale.

Yes, the trainer is riding on the chin of the whale!

Another ride

And this trainer is riding on the back of the whale. This has to be more fun than Jet Skis.


Sharon was gracious to let Dave play a round of golf while she went along. Here Dave is putting.


The resort held some free golf clinics. Dave was amazed to finally learn the proper way to hold a club and swing. As a result, he was finally able to get par on a couple of holes, which he had never done before.

Tyler Judd

November 9, 2008. Tyler begged a piece of leftover wedding cake.