2008 Las Vegas Trip



2008 Las Vegas Trip

April 18-20, 2008 Dave and Sharon took a trip to Las Vegas. We had been dating for several months now, and had been getting serious, but were not engaged yet. Dave flew down to Phoenix, and from there we drove to Las Vegas. Two of Sharon's grandsons had birthdays that we celebrated. We also took in a show on the strip, went on a gondola ride, and other fun things.


At Johnny Rockets

We went to Johnny Rockets at the Arizona Mills Mall on Thursday evening, for hamburgers. This was where we first met in December.

The grapefruit and orange trees.

When I visited at Easter, I planted a grapefruit and an orange tree for Sharon on the side of her house. They appear to be thriving.

In the car.

Having fun, I decided to snap a photo of us in the car with my camera phone. I'm driving and holding the camera. We're maybe halfway to Las Vegas.

Hoover Dam

We stopped at Hoover Dam and did a little tour. Here we are on the Arizona side.

Hoover Dam

Here's a photo of the Hoover Dam insignia. I was testing out my new camera. This was taken at the 40x zoom setting, and I thought it came out pretty good.

Hoover Dam

Looking down from the top of the Nevada side.

Birthday Party

Here we are with Sharon's daughter, Angie, and her family. Going around the table counter-clockwise are Haley, Sharon, me, Grant, Dallin, Angie, and Jeff.

The birthday cake

Dallin, lighting the candles on their joint birthday cake. Dallin turns 11 on Monday, and Grant turns 7 on Tuesday.

The fountain at the Venetian

We went down to the Las Vegas Strip to the luxurious Venetian Resort. Here we are at their gorgeous fountain.

The gondola ride

The Venetian is known for its romantic gondola rides. It was a beautiful night with nearly a full moon, and was indeed very romantic.

The gondolier

The gondolier took us up and down the canal and sang "That's Amore" and a couple of other songs.

Downtown Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip is running crosswise from left to right. We're on the footbridge that crosses Flamingo Road. I'm trying out my camera here, too, holding the shutter open for a couple of seconds so I could get the car lights streaking across the photo.

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Las Vegas has a 1/2 size replica of the Eiffel Tower as a restaurant along the strip. The money just seems to flow through this town.

The Atrium

The Bellagio Resort has a beautiful atrium inside.

At the atrium

A friendly passer-by agreed to take this photo of us at the atrium at the Bellagio.

Sharon at the atrium

The baseball game

Sharon's grandson Grant had a little league game Saturday morning. Here he is connecting with one.

Saturday afternoon

In the afternoon, Dallin had a game. Here he is taking a cut.


Reading his new book, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."

The Sahara

Saturday night, Sharon and I went to a show at the Sahara.

The Platters

At the Sahara, the show was The Platters, Coasters, and Marvelettes. We liked The Platters the best. They sang a selection of their greatest hits, romantic classics like "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," "Twilight Time," "Only You," and "Red Sails in the Sunset."

The Platters

Our seats were right at the foot of the stage, and a couple of times the singers would walk right up to the edge where we were sitting, and sing right at us. That was fun.

Sunday morning

Here the family is, ready to go to stake conference. Jeff is bishop of their ward, and his family appreciated being able to go to church with him and sit with him today. From left to right, Grant, Haley, Sharon, Angie, Tyler, Jeff, and Dallin.


Birthday Party Video:
Click the photo to play the video of lighting the candles and singing "Happy Birthday."





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